I'll be brief here. That's because you'll learn enough about me on this website browsing through samples of my published articles, photographs and testimonials.

Here goes ...

I was a journalist for nine years before becoming a freelance writer/photographer the fall of 2008. I have written roughly 2,900 stories, conducted more than 9,000 interviews, taken who-knows-how-many photographs and received 23 journalism awards.

The topics I have covered have been vast, many of the people, extraordinary—from talented first-graders to a U.S. presidential candidate (who granted a private, hour-long meeting). I have interviewed celebrities and homeless people; pastors and people charged with crimes; teachers and law officers; business owners and champions of nonprofits; developers, politicians and leaders of grassroots movements. I have interviewed families who have lost loved ones in tragic accidents and survivors who have rebuilt their lives after near death experiences.

I have written briefs and lengthy narratives; four-part series and a 315-page book. I have worked alongside some gifted and respected editors.

A critical component to my storytelling is my unconventional background. It provides me with a different level of skills to see, hear and feel.

I have lived in trailers in Alabama and Mississippi (on volunteer missions) and I have worked and lived in Hollywood (in a house in the hills with a vaulted glass ceiling). I have lived in a brick loft, in an artists' colony, and a log cabin, in a historic writers' colony. I have owned my own businesses and worked for corporations. I have lived in several states and traveled to several countries.

There's more—including how I became a writer in the first place—but that's reserved for dinner conversation.

Call me if you need me. I will travel for the right assignments.


Author of the book: It's Going to be O.K. (but not like we thought)
A story about certainty, bewilderment, reinvention and contribution






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