"I've decided that you exist on a different plane, one that would make this world a better place if more folks lived there too. You seem to have a sense of what is important and what is not ... "

—Longtime publisher and newsman, Brad Bradberry



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"I just have a couple of things to say: you made me cry; you are a gifted writer. It was an absolutely beautiful article, accurate, you did research. I just think it's remarkable and I think you are too."—A businessman, regarding a story about his father who has Ushers Syndrome

"That is absolutely the best article that has been written and also the best picture."—Former NBC cameraman, regarding a story about the day he filmed the terrorist attack on the world trade center. (photo by Nick King)

"Thank you so much for writing down what I was thinking."—Inventor

"How you saw through the tears, sobs and periods of silence over the phone and were still able to convey the beauty of Sara's life is beyond me, but from the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you."—VP of a rescue operation, regarding the death of an EMT who died in an auto accident

"I have to be honest I have been quoted half a dozen times mostly by Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News; mostly about child welfare issues more than anything else and it seems like they always manage to butcher what I said. I could never tell if it was by intent or what. But you did a really good jobaccurately conveyed what I was trying to get across. It's refreshing to find that what you say is actually what winds up getting printed. Thank you very much."
—A counselor

"What a credit to your news organization to have such a talented and accurate journalist! Pamela Lawson is outstanding, both in the telling of the story and the personal interchange with the interviewee!"—Owner of a historic Indian Pueblo

"Thanks for the great article. You have an incredible talent. Let me know when your book comes out."—Former ABC videographer, regarding a story about her daughter

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