"You were the one contact with media that strengthened me that first week after the accident ... "

—family spokesperson, for a man who lost his wife and three children in a multi-car pileup





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"The phone has been ringing off the hook from people calling to say they read the article and thought it was wonderful. They said the article 'really captured the flavor and essence of (my) practice, hit the nail on the head,' and that you really gave it heart and soul. I have been interviewed by other reporters and that did not come through. How can we get 200 to 300 more copies?"—A popular veterinarian who has been featured on television

"This is one of the greatest, yet saddest stories of human survival I have read. Thank you for putting this out here so everyone who forgets that there are people like (this woman) in their backyards will think about it. I will say a prayer for her."—Reader's comment regarding a story about homelessness

"I think you just did an absolutely fantastic super duper, duper, duper job--we are just totally tickled. It's beautiful, I love the photographs, I love the presentation. I think that this might bring in some business for us. Thanks a million."—Owner of a historic bed & breakfast

"That article really has a lot of meat in it. I really thank you and I think you really write well."—Concert violinist

"Congratulations on the brilliant two-part piece in the (newspaper) on Bridging the Digital Divide. I thought it was big city all the way and really just brought the reputation of the (paper) up a bunch of notches and the chamber was thinking along these lines when you did this terrific series and this just gives us the impetus to charge ahead."—Chamber of commerce president

"Thank you for that nice article about our congregation. I have received many nice comments and we even had two different couples come and worship with us last Sunday because of it. I appreciate the work you do."—Pastor of a Lutheran church

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